Mica flakes Mica snow flakes for crafting glitter supply vintage Christmas style by hopeandjoystudios

6,00 USD Mica flakes Mica snow flakes for crafting shine supply vintage Christmas style

Hi! This is a new (supply) box of mica snow flakes for crafting. They are 80 grams/weigh 3.5 oz approx. 1 1/2 cups. They are sort of a pale champagne vintage color. All all set to add a vintage touch to your tasks! I have a few boxes of these and will integrate ship.

< br/ > One box will deliver First Class. I can deliver 2 in a flat rate little bubble Top priority ENVELOPE for $ 6. Note that the box itself might get a bit squished this way however the mica will be great. 3-4 can go in a local rate A box. NOTE I refund excess shipping o $ 1 or more.

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