Microwavable Heating Pad and Ice Packs, Keepin ‘Cozy Willy Pad; Warm Compress and Cold Compress, 4 Sizes – High Frequency by SewColorfulDesigns

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Keepin ‘Cozy Willy Pads are Hot/ Cold Pads that can be microwaved for heat or kept in the freezer for a simple ice bag.

This listing is for 1 Willy Pad made of the material visualized and is readily available in 4 sizes;

Small: 5 & quot; & quot; X 5
& quot; $ 6 Medium: 5 & quot; & quot; X 10 & quot;$10 Big: 5 & quot;
X 14 & quot; $ 15

(Displayed in Listing )XLarge: 5 & quot; X 20 & quot;$20 or Bundle 3 Small Willy Pads for a reduced price of $ 5 each (terrific for ice bag)

The Willy Pad is double-sided with the very same fabric and the edges have been double-stitched for added stamina and sturdiness.

They can be utilized to alleviate achy discomforts, headaches, discomfort, stress, cramps, sinus pressure, muscle aches, tension, boo-boos, and a wide variety of other requirements … Each pad is
handmade and filled with flax seed. Flax seed is a lot more long lasting and flexible than other fillers like rice and corn (which can end up being harsh), enabling you to mold the bag quickly to any body part. Using flax seed, its outer shell does not discharge the “food” smell that rice and other dry products do over time. The seeds likewise remain warmer/ chillier longer. Flax Seed is 30-40 % oil, which stays inside the seed to be warmed once more and again. Most grain products lose their ability to keep heat as the water cooks out of the grains.

Lavender has healing properties that promote a sensation of calm and relaxation.

Keep your pad in the freezer for an easy to grab ice bag, then when needed warm, microwave for 30 seconds – 3 minutes for a quick heating pad that will stay hot for approximately 1 hour.
Guideline sheet included.


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