Mint Sparkle Mica for frankenpolish soap cosmetics mineral makeup eyeshadow lipgloss and more by sjmsupplies

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Mint Shimmer is a lovely mint green with attractive pearl and ultra shimmery impacts


You will get 1/4 ounce of mica double gotten in zip lock baggies

INCI: mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, tin oxide

FDA authorized for use on eyes, lips, nails and face

Mica Powder is a wonder multi-use device of the crafters world. It can be utilized in many remarkable creations. Let your creativity cut loose. Here are just some examples of how mica powder can be utilized.

1. CP SOAP: To use it in cold process soap, a beginning point would be 2 tsp. per pound of soap to accomplish good color. Merely add the mica straight to the soap and stir. Make sure you add it at extremely thin trace so that you have enough time to stir the colorant in. To include mica powder to a liquid formulation, first distribute the mica in a percentage of oil then include the colored oil to the batch as soon as all the clumps are broken up.

2. M & P AND OTHER SOAP: If you are using a clear, transparent or clear base, we recommend about 1/2 a teaspoon per pound to achieve a good, strong pearl result.
Micas are fairly basic to utilize. Merely include the powder to your melting soap base, wait for your base to melt and stir the micas in. If little & quot; & quot; mica bubbles & quot; float to the top, spritz them with a little rubbing alcohol and you’ll see them rupture open. Just stir everything in till the mica is well included, then add your scent.

3. COSMETICS: Pearlescent micas are utilized to add color and sheen to various cosmetic items and are primarily made use of in the production of lipsticks, blushes and eye shadows. They are now becoming preferred as loose mineral make-up that you can make yourself. You can develop practically any shade of mineral cosmetics for your face by integrating numerous shades of micas. Other pigments and additives can be made use of to darken or lighten colors and to produce mineral make-up bases.

EYESHADOW: Make use of an excellent eyeshadow base in mix with mica powder for an all day use. You can likewise use a 4: 1 ratio of water and glycerin to make a foiling serum for added remarkable outcome. Dip your brush in the hindering serum and work it into some of the mica and use to your eyes.

BLUSH: Use a bigger fluffy brush and put on your cheeks

BRONZER: Utilize a big fluffy brush and apply to your skin

LIP COLOR: Use a brush or your finger tip to use powder to your lips then apply clear lipgloss for a wonderful appearance. Make certain the mica is a lip safe color.

EYE LINER Make use of a thin eye liner brush, dampen and gently touch it to the preferred color. Apply under your lower eyelashes and/ or over your upper eyelashes.

In addition to developing mineral make-up, micas can also be made use of to color lip balms, bath salts, bath bombs, creams, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, soaps (look for color fading possibility in a small batch initially), creams bars, body gels, body powders and milk baths. Since mica is water insoluble, kindly realize that they might potentially stain or leave a ring in the bath tub when utilized in bath salts and bath bombs so please use with caution.

4. NAIL POLISH: Utilizing clear nail polish, dip brush into the polish, then into the preferred color powder, and paint on nails. Polish may also be blended in a different container for larger batches. Do the above with existing colored nail polish to change its shade. Or you can include straight to a bottle of clear nail polish, just make sure it has shaker spheres in it to mix well as it may settle. You can also utilize with suspension bases sold by other companies for franken polishing.

5. ACRYLIC NAILS: if you wish to mix a complete cover color utilizing mica powder, you’ll have to blend clear acrylic powder with mica powder. I would suggest beginning with a ratio of 60 % clear acrylic powder to 40 % mica powder and work your ratios until you are willing with them and you’ll be producing wonderful nails in no time.

6. ARTISTS: Mica Powders are quickly included into all water-based systems. Mica powders are bold and extremely reflective offering the supreme sturdiness. The artist will value how quickly these great powders include into Faux Finishing Glazes or clear acrylic great art mediums for a virtual unlimited variety of special impacts. And, they are non-toxic and non-reactive which indicates they can be integrated into virtually any medium.

Mix Into:

Oil Paint
Pearl Ex Varnish
Acrylic Paint
Polymer Clay
Melted wax

Apply to:

Polymer Clay
Virtually anything!

Pearl white on white polymer clay makes remarkable pearls. The same color on black clay offers a stunning brilliant silver.

7. WATERCOLORS: Mix mica powder with gum arabic for a gorgeous variety of colors for watercolor methods.

8. SHIMMER MIST: 4part Mica Powder + 1part gum arabic and water in a tiny mister. If you want color you can include a drop or 2 of re-inker.

9. STAMPING/ SCRAP RESERVATION/ CARD MAKING: You can stamp or sponge versa mark ink on something then sponge or dry brush the mica powder on that. It gives a gorgeous shimmer and color. Set with a light hairspray.
Make your own paints making use of the Liquetex Pearl Medium, which you can find in the art areas of craft stores. Pour the medium into little containers and mix in some mica powder, then stir. You can use sponge brushes to use to card stock, and so on

10. INK: Include mica powder to rubbing alcohol making sure it is all liquefied and utilize it with a paint brush or dip pen.

11. POLYMER CLAY: Mix with polymer clay to color or use mica to repaint your incredible art work.

12. CANDLES: Make use of to color or paint the beyond your candle lights. Use to color wax for dipped candles. Mica needs to not be utilized to color wax that will touch with the wick as it might obstruct it. Mica made use of in candles need to be made use of for decorative functions just.

13. COLORING RESIN: Mix in some mica powder with your liquid resin and mold.

14. EMBOSSING: Mix together some mica powder with clear, black or white embossing powder for your very own special color or add a bit to some currently colored embossing powder for a stunning color change. While the mica powders will not melt, they will bind to the embossing powders, offering your stamped image a distinct appearance.

Use mica powder to color your UTEE

You can likewise utilize mica powders with Distress Inks or pigment inks given that they dry more gradually than regular dye ink.

15. Glass artists utilize this in fusing techniques and far more.

Images are revealed as precise as possible. But due to variations in audience display settings, (color, brightness, contrast settings, etc) colors may differ a little from actual products. For that reason we advise purchasing sample sizes to verify the colors prior to purchasing larger quantities if you are not sure.


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