Moss Blossoms Kanzashi Flower Duckbill Hair Clip by MountainMusings

85,00 USD

This stunning clip reminds me of mossy rocks near unethical river banks, speckled and decorated with little glimmers of carbonated water. Gorgeous, flashy, and bound to get hold of interest.

This clip determines 6 1/2 inches from idea to tail and practically 5 1/2 inches throughout. The clip consists of a grand chrysanthemum bloom, a smaller lotus design bloom, and 5 satellite mini blossoms. On top of that, there are 12 separately armatured leaves. This clip has silver plated finishings with glass beads and rhinestones.

The flowers are secured to a 5 inch alligator clip in the duckbill design that has a strong spring. The little flowers can be rearranged and the leaves to a somewhat lesser degree. The clip itself is silver tone.

Kindly note that the action shot is my own personal piece and not the clip you will certainly be receiving. All other photos represent the clip for sale.

Please do not be reluctant to contact me with any questions!

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