Move For Health with How You Glow: Week 3

The final post in our movement series with health and beauty blog, How You Glow.

This post comes to us from wellness duo, Jessie and Tara of How You Glow

We can all agree that cardio can sometimes be hard to motivate for. We’ve found that having a partner with you can make all the difference — something that is usually tedious can actually become fun and enjoyable. We came up with a few “outside-the-box” cardio moves to get the blood flowing and make your heart sing.

Clap and Twist

This move is great because not only are you getting a great hit of cardio, you are also toning your sides and obliques, which are often hard to reach. High-fiving your partner brings back memories of childhood games. We dare you not to smile while doing this one!

1. Stand tall facing your partner.
2. Extend opposite arms towards each other, high five-ing as you hop your feet from side to side.
3. Twist your torso and engage your obliques as you switch from side to side.

Trunk Taps

Trunk taps sculpt your stems (legs) and your branches (arms). The challenge here is to try to synchronize your movements with your partner. Having someone with you encourages you to keep going, turn up the speed when you want to slow down, and tune into your rhythm.

1. Find an object such as a tree trunk, ledge, rock, etc.
2. Tap one foot at a time onto the object
3. Keep your core engaged and get your arms involved to make it a full body workout!

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Photos by Jessica Foley.

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