MTO XL Cat / Kitten / Ferret / Guinea Pig / Chinchilla HAMMOCK by AnimalLover2

MTO XL Cat / Kitten / Ferret / Guinea Pig / Chinchilla HAMMOCK by AnimalLover2

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All photos are of satisfied consumers children.

The hammocks arrived today & they are AWESOME!!! They look so well made & durable that I can not think of the kitties being able to trash them like they do other style hammocks.Thanks once more for making/ sending along the hammocks so quickly. I have my eye on 2 more hammocks so I will certainly be returning to you with another order:-RRB- THANK YOU!

UPDATE: The above rescue has returned for 4 more. The original hammocks they purchased are still in use and have actually lasted 1 year and 2 months up until now. They are holding up excellent! They need more to replace other kinds of hammocks that they were making use of however were chewed through.

ANOTHER feline rescue (Neighborhood Cat Rescue in California) has actually ordered 3 of these hammocks!

A consumer said: This was a terrific addition to our kitten’s new night time cage! Caught her in it the very first early morning! I was truly delighted and shocked by the quality – seams turned smoothly, grommets in well.

I had somebody from a cat rescue league ( contact me inquiring about hammocks for their rescue felines/ kittens. I came up with this 21 & quot; & quot; X 19 & quot; hammock. It is made from 2 layers of fleece (one side is the patterned fleece with the other side a contrasting/ matching solid color) and an additional layer of cotton product in between the two fleece layers to prevent to much stretching with heavier animals.

Device wash and dry.

You have more than 70 patterned fleece designs to choose from and many solids. TO VIEW MY FABRICS PLEASE GO TO:
(you will certainly need to copy the link and paste it into the address bar of your browser to access the fabrics)

When ordering please let me understand exactly what material you desire. Kindly offer me a number of choices to make sure I have sufficient material.

I WILL DELIVER TO YOU WITHIN 10 BUSINESS DAYS OF GETTING YOUR FABRIC OPTION (possible earlier depending on my present pending orders). Don’t hesitate to contact me for an approximate shipping date.

Originates from a clean, smoke complimentary, animal caring home!

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MTO XL Cat / Kitten / Ferret / Guinea Pig / Chinchilla HAMMOCK by AnimalLover2