muench new marabu metallic eyelash yarn. 81yds. lilac long eyelash. fancy novelty lavender purple glitter eyelash yarn. destash yarn by KnotOriginal

5,50 USD

1 skein of Muench’s New Marabu metallic eyelash yarn in lilac purple. This is one of my favorite eyelash yarns to knit as a bring along yarn. The base hair is fairly thin and unobtrusive but the lashes are additional long, 2.25 & quot;& quot;, and fluttery, and sparkly. There are wispy tufts of solid lavender purple combined with glittery silver lashes and tinsel like metallic lilac purple strands. It’s made in France so add it to any job where you ‘d like an ooh la la additional special touch! The last picture is an example of how this yarn looks knit along with others.

Brand: Muench
Fiber Material: 100 % Polyester
Color: Lilac 4209
Weight 20 gr./.71 Oz. per ball
Length: 74 m./ 81 yds. per ball
Needle Size: Different
Yarn Thickness: Novelty

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