MUSIC LOVER – Beaded book thong / bookmark by TheMusesCall

5,75 USD

Looking for a little present for the music enthusiast that likes to read? My beaded book thongs are called ‘BeautyMarks’, ie ‘beautiful bookmarks’. A book thong is a bookmark that tucks into the edge of your book with the beaded ends looking from the top and the bottom of the book.

A silver toned double-sided musical note beauty is the focal point on one end of this bookmark and a Picasso marble nugget is on the other. The round beads are Peruvian opal nestled in amoung labradoriet and glass seed beads. The beads are strung on black waxed cord, doubly protected with crimp beads on the ends and after that hand-knotted. It will fit books approximately 9.5 & quot; & quot; long, the whole piece determining about 12-13 & quot;& quot;.

My book thongs are willing for gift-giving, packaged in a polyethylene sleeve to protect them throughout shipment. The sleeve has a hole at the top so you can attach a bow to it or tie it on to another gift (a book maybe!)

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