Mustache Pacifier – Black Strongman by BabyHipsters

9,00 USD

Is that Burt Reynolds? Oh, wait, it’s simply your awesome baby rocking a sweet mustache pacifier. Be the envy of all the other mothers, papas, cool aunts, and so on when the kid heads out in style.

** When ordering, PLEASE specify age and whether this is for a baby boy or child woman in the & quot; & quot; Notes to Seller & quot; section to assist me figure out pacifier size and color. **

Each pacifier is handcrafted by me when ordered. I utilize Nuk orthodontic pacifiers and the mustaches are made from felt. All pacifiers are BPA free.

** Please define any special requests at the time of your order. While I will make every effort to meet requests, I am restricted to pacifier stock on hand. Please include your request in the & quot; & quot; Notes to Seller & quot; & quot; section. **

Similar to anything for your infant, too much tugging can trigger the mustache to end up being loose, so please watch the little one when they’re rocking their stache. Though, let’s be real, they’ll be so adorable you will not wish to take your eyes off of them anyway.:-RRB- can

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