Natural Shampoo Bar Sample Size / Travel Size Ming Fern and Lavender with Jojoba and Wheat Germ OIls, Sls Free by dirtydivasoaps

3,00 USD

Cold Processed Shampoo bars in a convenient travel or sample size of our popular scents!

A beautiful blend of woodland fern with a herbal blue lavender and a touch of red ginger and Italian Mandarin.

The sample sizes are 1-1.8 ounces per bar. perfect for sampling our shampoo bars and scents! Good for several shampoos!

Formulated with ingredients that are kind to your hair. This one smells sooo good. .This Gives a creamy rich moisturizing lather.

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Here is some information on the other ingredients …….

Wheat Germ Oil is aa “power oil” great moisturizing capabilities due to its high content of Vitamins A, B1 , B2, B3, B6 Vitamin D, and Vitamin E. While we make NO medical claims we have found that it is a great oil to use in a shampoo bar.

Jojoba oil is another ingredient that we use in our shampoo bars. Actually not an oil at all but a liquid wax, it is a light, super moisturizing ingredient that adds a super rich lather to each bar. We use unrefined pure golden jojoba oil in our shampoo bars.

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We have tested several formulations for a shampoo bar over the past year The feedback from this one has been tremendous

& quot; Just began using this soap. After the first wash, my feeling is … I LOVE IT! It smells very natural and looks pretty too. I have never had a bar soap that suds up so good! It foams up wonderfully! & quot;

& quot; Added body to my long hair, smells wonderful & quot;

& quot; excellent product, great for travel,

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