Needle Felted Cat / Custom Pet Portrait by Gourmet Felted / Tabby by GourmetFelted

325,00 USD

Feline Memorial Sculpture. This is an example of a Customized Animal Portrait of a tabby feline called Marley. This animal sculpture is among a kind and made without patterns or kits. I can likewise make your preferred breed or any animal if you do not have any pets!
I will certainly utilize your pictures for your miniature sculpture.

Needle felting with a Gourmet touch! Entirely made by hand simply for you!

♥ ♥ Because of their hand crafted nature, only a Limited variety of these precious treasures are created every year. Save money an area on my Order List today!

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My Sculptures have been published in Teddy Bear Evaluation magazine.
All Sculptures are made to shop for and one of a kind.


Now you can have a little replica of your animal that will curl up in the palm of your hand. Each sculpture is one of a kind and makes an unique present for someone special. including yourself! They are a precious memento collectible for you to treasure as a family memento!

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any listing of the examples that I have of PET PORTRAITS.

me pictures of your pet. YOUR animal is my DESIGN!!
You can also send photos which I will return with your finished sculpture.

when your PET PICTURE is finished, I will certainly send you pictures for your approval

I will deliver your ANIMAL PICTURE to you in a sturdy priority mail box for speed, with complete insurance protection and monitoring for safety and assurance.

Your PET PORTRAIT will include a Photo Certification of Authenticity signed by me. Also your sculpture will certainly be initialed by me on the underside with the year developed.

From your pictures I will certainly develop your animal. I likewise have done sculptures & quot; & quot; IN MEMORY OF & quot; for the precious animals of our past.



Your PET PICTURE will be needle felted. This is a labor extensive art type where wool is sculpted into a shape with a single barbed needle! I make use of luxury fibers for high quality fur. I pick what ever fiber finest matches your animals fur color, texture, and shine. In some cases I have actually fiber customized colored simply for your animal! I shape a special nose for your sculpture. Pearlized eyes for cats for that lifelike feline radiance!
SIZE: 8 inches long. They are POSEABLE and have the prettiest little pawpads!
All sculptures produced in a non-smoking studio.

ALL my sculptures have a wire armature inside so they are completely poseable, even the tail!
YOUR CAT will certainly feature a Certificate of Credibility signed by me with his photos and description.

Pictures can not record all the information.

I get a lot happiness from producing these valuable sculptures and from the delight that they give others. Lots of people have splits of pleasure when they get their PET PICTURE SCULPTURE, and they can treasure it always. These sculptures are not toys, but artworks made for the discerning collector.

Yes, they are made for you,
from the heart!

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International Buyers welcome. Kindly email me at the bottom of the page for a shipping quote.
Thanks for stopping by my shop!
Have a beautiful Day!

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