Needle Minder, Licensed Art, Jonas Joedicke, Wolf Minder, Cross Stitch Keeper – Fridge Magnet – Jojoes Art, Drowning In Tears by GeckoRouge

7,50 USD GeckoRouge Cross Stitch would like to present our brand-new range of certified art needle minders including the art work of Jonas Joedicke (Jojoes Art)

Our needle minders include a strong magnet to guarantee no more lost needles. Even better you can utilize it to hold your pattern or perhaps to jazz up your fridge

< br/ > Jonas’ work is likewise offered as small prints which can be bought straight from: https:// sanguisgelidus.deviantart. com

© Jonas Joedicke (art work)

————————— ————————————————– ————- the 38mm and the 58 mm will can be found in an organza gift bag< br/ > the 77mm are strong enough to hold most craft scissors and they will can be found in a present box. ——————————————- ———————————————- Essential details:. Our magnets are super strong and are to be

kept away from electrical items at all time to avoid damage < br/ > Caution: This is not a toy please avoid children Disclaimer: the image revealed is the mock up, we will do our up <. br />
most to try match the design each time however the image might vary slightly< br/ > < br/ > * Colours may vary due to various display screens can buy on Etsy for GeckoRouge