Neon Pink and Black Faux Fur Ears Fox Cat Wolf Dog Clips Halloween Costume Cosplay by SaurianStudios

18,00 USD

These handcrafted clip-on animal ears make an adorable addition to any Halloween outfit, cosplay, or to wear around every day! These might be fox, cat, wolf, pet dog, or beast ears. This pair of ears is made with garment-quality faux furs, with soft and fluffy long stack furs in black and neon pink. Please do not be misinformed by the photos – there is no white in the fur, only an artifact in the image of light shining off of the bright pink fur. The lining of the ears is black fleece. Machine-stitched and hand sewn for stamina, these ears each step 4.5″ “long

. One special function of these ears is that they are not attached to a headband! Each ear is hand-sewn onto strong “”alligator”hair clips that can connect to long or short hair, a headband, hat, or wig. They can likewise be positioned in any way you like, to communicate different emotions for your costume.Please check out

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