NEW! Vintage Botanical Pineapple Illustration Wedding Invitation by MorningsidePaper

5,65 USD

Inspiration for your rustic woodland wedding event! The invite is printed on our unique hemp paper, which is not just super cool however more eco friendly that regular old paper.The Details: includes:1. printed invitation wording printed on hemp paper 2. printed reply postcard with vintage pineapple image 3. external envelope -shown here in Soft White, can be any
color 4. vintage pineapple botanical illustration envelope liner.Extras:-insert card -$0.50-$1.00 (depending upon size)COMPLETED SIZE: 7 x 5 Fully adjustable We
can do any color mix you would such as, just ask!The sample cost is the cost per invite. So, if you have an interest in purchasing with us, take the expense of the sample and increase it by the number of invites you wish to
order.You are ordering a sample of this invitation. Due to time restrictions, we are only sending by mail generic wording samples. As soon as you ' ve received your sample and wishes to purchase, we will create a custom PDF proof

for you after a deposit has actually been paid. Можно приобрести на Etsy за MorningsidePaper