Nuggets ™ Wax melts, OOPS sale, overstock and surplus super scented wax by CoquetteBath

10,00 USD

Every show, I find a few wax melts that just are not that quite … label sensible, that is. While they still smell fantastic, sometimes identifies get scuffed. Often, I make a put and do not identify all them at that time. Sure, I imply to purchase back to ‘it’, however life steps in, and eventually, that box I have with ‘things to do’ is just too full.

So I mark them down. Which’s precisely what is taking place here.

No choice of fragrances, however I do promise that you’ll get (to the very best of my ability) 5 various scents. That’s right, 5 packs of my super aromatic Nuggets ™ wax melts for simply $ 10. As pointed out, some will have scuffed labels, or maybe a label like the 2nd image. That label (without bar code) is being phased out. Even last production run, I still put some on, because I will not toss away a completely good label.

However all good ideas have to come to an end therefore, I’m discounting these greatly to move them out. Each flat rate envelope can hold at least 10 (which would be ordering two of this offer) and overpaid shipping will be reimbursed.

So, now it is your turn. Try a few of my splendidly aromatic wax melts at an extremely deal. I have actually never ever offered, even at shows, anything near this discount! Time to stock up!

Once again, you’re getting 5 packs of wax melts. Maybe with old/ scuffed labels. Perhaps no label at all. No choice of scent. Offer good up until old item gone.

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