Nuno Scarf Merino Wool Silk Scarf Felted Scarf – Red Flame by FiberFusion

89,00 USD

Red Flame

Soft and Lightweight- Add a spark to any outfit or coat!

This headscarf is hand felted with soft merino wool (some hand dyed) on one side and a soft silk fabric on the other. Completion outcome is a fantastic flowing, light, and airy scarf.

This shawl is light-weight but will keep the chill off on a cool day or night. A great traveler, it won'' t add much weight and rolls up easily.A “among a

kind”art headscarf for yourself or terrific gift for somebody special!It is 17″W and 80 “L
, long enough to cover in numerous designs with ruffled ends. Hand take in cool water to clean, dry flat.

Iron on low heat with pressing cloth if needed. No agitation -or there will be more felting.Ships Concern Mail in
U.S.A Можно приобрести на Etsy за FiberFusion