Ocean Beach Lighthouse Peace Crane Bird, Wedding Cake Topper, Party Favor, Origami Ornament, Place Card Holder, Paper Anniversary, Nautical by localcolorist

8,00 USD

Permanent origami peace crane accessories cake mattress toppers, party prefers, location card holders
by Nancy McNally from San Francisco

If you get approved for a discount kindly email me very first and I will certainly note a reserved posting for you. Thanks a lot.

I provide you the opportunity to have a peace crane fashioned from your love letters, maps, logos or photocopied images on paper you or I supply.

Mobiles made from these cranes are a preferred way to display these cranes. A flock of birds or several birds are captivating, with a plan of birds hung on branches, in a beautiful vase.

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This is a link to birds made with maritime themed paper


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Hard glazed for memento gathering; gem and wire attached for hanging; custom orders encouraged for table top and celebration decorations. size: 3 & quot; & quot; X 6 & quot; Extra stock is offered for all the cranes revealed in this shop. Click thumbnails to see alternative cranes offered, and contact me.

Several orders of one design are readily available. A single crane listed is not restricted to just one crane. Email me to buy more by reserving on Etsy. ♥ ♥ Email messages are constantly welcome.

There are over 100 vacation themed papers not noted on Etsy, Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, Valentine, Kwanza and so on. Kindly call me and I will certainly send you images of these papers and reserve post on Etsy in your name, your selections.

If you are pondering buying for a wedding or event in the future please note that a few of the paper is in limited quantities. I can source some of the paper in the future, however many of these documents are restricted to exactly what I have in stock. I recommend ordering a crane as a sample to allow you to decide after seeing the crane in reality!

Purchase 5-9 peace cranes receive 1 crane for no charge!
Purchase five cranes a 6th crane is no charge
Purchase 9 cranes a 10th crane is no charge
Kindly email with your choice of a your extra crane.

25 % discount rate if you buy 10 cranes,
35 % discount rate if you buy 25 or more.

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