Ocean Wall Art Print Whale Octopus Boat Series-Boat Print by elissahudson

22,00 USD< p class=" description "> These sweet sea characters make certain to bring numerous smiles to your child’s space! Created for a fantastic pal of mine’s sweet baby, these are now offered for your nursery too! These prints work splendidly with Pottery Barn’s Fish Bed linen Collection. The octopus, whale, and fish produce a lovely series when paired, and likewise stand alone. Fits in 8×10 inch mat. Each print will be signed. Picture revealing the print framed is 11×14 with an 8×10 opening in the matte. There will be additional space around the image to enable matting.

< br/ >< br/ > * Due to different computer system display settings, color on actual print may differ from exactly what is on your screen.

Print will not include watermark.

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