Olive leaves, natural plant dye, olive dye, plant dye, for hand dyeing, wool, silk, plant fiber, yarn, 100g / 3.5oz by alltheprettyfibers

6,40 USD Note: Due to local import restrictions for Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Africa my natural plant dyes can just be delivered within Europe, to the United States and Canada. Thank you for your understanding

Olive leaves, chopped, natural plant dye (olea europaea):

Many ideal for hand dyeing protein fibers (eg sheepswool, alpaca, angora), silk, and plant fibres (eg cotton, hemp, linen). Olive leaves produce a vast array of yellow tones with alum as the mordant. For a dynamic yellow use 100% of dyestuff (= 100g color on 100g of fibre). Please keep in mind that the dye/ colour outcome will also depend on other requirements, such as fibre quality, preparation of the fibre, water quality, and the kind of mordant (s) utilized. Though a non harmful natural plant dye please constantly:

< br/ > -keep your dyestuff and mordants away from children and animals
< br/ >– store in a safe place
< br/ > -keep in closed and identified containers far from food and drink
< br/ >-follow the dyeing and safety instructions in your dye book or dye recipe
< br/ >– avoid ingesting the chopped leaves

< br/ > You are getting 1 bag of chopped olive leaves, 100g/ 3.5 oz

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