One Eyed Dragon Toy, Dragon Plush, Stuffed Dragon, Cute Dragon Toy by Adopt an Alien named Wednesday by AdoptanAlien

19,50 USD

Wednesday, a young Alien is up for adoption and needs a loving house. Wednesday was discovered on the Moon. She loves flowers and chocolates, and long strolls downtown. Someday she wishes to be a romance author. Embrace Wednesday and embrace a smile!

A healthy package of delight at approx. 6 inches tall, 4 1/2 inches large, and 7 inches long

These little men make a terrific Holiday present or Birthday present.

All the Aliens at this firm are up for adoption. They all require love and care, and they all require to be adopted! Every one, like any kid is special and special. Each one has their very own birth certification. Have it in your heart to bring home among these gorgeous little child aliens and bring house a smile.

Please understand that these ARE implied to be toys BUT are NOT suggested for kids under 6 or for kids who play approximately with toys. These aliens are hand sewn primarily in light cotton materials that can rip if tossed about or had fun with inappropriately. These Aliens are for kids who are mothering and enjoying with their toys. Choking danger to kids under three.

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