Our Thoughts Become Our Reality

Our Thoughts Become Our Reality

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Have you ever taken the time to think about the dialogue we have with ourselves? That audio loop constantly reminding us of our own deepest, darkest, secret insecurities. Whether the words we hear inside are positive, negative, or simply fleeting thoughts, our inner voice has a lot of power over us.

So who’s doing all the talking?

We might have these well rehearsed lines that we think define us, running over and over in our internal dialogue. What we don’t realize is, saying them out loud is a pretty powerful way to seal the deal. What we think, and what we say, is our reality. We literally become our thoughts.

From my past, I can recall sentences I repeated over and over to myself, to friends, even to perfect strangers. I made these proclamations as a way of defining who I was. Thinking back now, I cringe at the thought of those words coming out of my mouth. It almost feels like another person was saying them. Without realizing, I was doing some serious affirming to the point where I would block out things from my life.

The other afternoon I was flicking through my camera roll on my iPhone and discovered that almost every morning during my sunrise run I have been taking pictures of the ocean and completely forgetting about it! While it’s no news to me that I love nothing more than photographing the ocean, I didn’t realize how many photos were getting lost in the camera roll.

The moment I stumbled across the first photo above, it hit me – and the memories came flooding back through the gates of my consciousness like a violent, surging river. Words began to echo over and over again in my ears, just as I had said them time and time before in the past. “I hate exercising in the morning”…

I remember saying this at school, I remember saying it during university, I even remember saying it when I lived right on the beachfront at beautiful Bondi Beach! For years, I told myself I the same lies and wasted so much energy convincing myself I wasn’t a morning person when it could have been spent outside in the sunshine making the most out of my days (and my life).

Now, I wake up in the mornings with the sun and never has my life felt more fulfilled. I now tell myself that I LOVE mornings, especially when I’m finding it hard to get out of bed. I also tell myself other things like “I am beautiful” and “I am happy,” because what you think becomes you, what you feel follows you, and what you believe builds around you.

The day you live this truth and take conscious control of your thoughts is the day you declare your freedom and begin your mastery of life.

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Our Thoughts Become Our Reality Our Thoughts Become Our Reality Our Thoughts Become Our Reality Our Thoughts Become Our Reality Our Thoughts Become Our Reality

Our Thoughts Become Our Reality
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