Outside Lands 2014 Music Highlights

Outside Lands 2014 Music Highlights

Music festivals are not always the best venue to fully experience music.  With so many people in one place, the crowd can be overwhelming, and if the artist doesn’t have the right stage presence, they aren’t able to fully captivate the audience and the performance can fall flat.  I definitely did not get to see all of the bands I wanted to see at Outside Lands, but I was able to catch a few performances that really stood out. Here are some of my highlights from Outside Lands 2014!


If you ever have the opportunity to see this band live – take it. They blow me away every single time, from their intriguing stage presence – with matching outfits and synergistic movements – to their soul-shaking voices.  They played the Sutro Stage, in my opinion the festival’s most beautiful stage – a hill slopes down towards a stage nestled among eucalyptus trees, and their crowd had such a great energy.  We were also fortunate enough to get a private performance from the band on the Monday following the festival – stay tuned for that video coming soon!

Check their website for tour dates.

Local Natives

Oh, how I love these guys.  It’s really special when you see a band perform, who you know has performed these songs countless times, and their eyes are still filled with wonder as they look out at the crowd.  You can see the amazement written all over their faces, and the pure love for what they do is infectious.  Of the bands I saw, they had the most amazing, captivating energy.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of them – and the last song, “Sun Hands,” during which lead singer Taylor sang while crowd surfing, was a highlight for sure.

The band is currently taking some time off from touring to work on their next album – I for one can’t wait to hear it!

Courtney Barnett

This chick is a badass.  I’ve been dying to see her live for some time now, and she definitely did not disappoint.  She came out with a big smile on her face, and proceeded to shred her guitar and whip the crowd around with her fiery delivery. She’s another one you definitely need to catch live!

Visit her website for tour dates.

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