Painters – Six Snag Free Stitch Markers – Fits Up To 5.5 mm (9 US) – Limited Edition by LadyDanio

9,00 USD

‘Cause they were painters/ and they were repainting themselves/ A lovely world. & quot; & quot; – Jewel Kilcher, Painters

This set of six snag-less stitch markers are like miniature pieces of a painter’s canvas for your knitting. Rainbowlike classic glass beads are splattered with warm honey tones, brilliant oranges, soft blues and environment-friendlies with a silvery sheen framing the entire thing like the flaking foil of a daguerreotype. Each marker is topped with a rich amber glass seed bead. Repaint the world with your knitting when you utilize these stitch markers.

The markers will fit comfortably onto knitting needles up to 5.5 mm (9 United States), and are showcased in the photos on needles of the exact same size.

The beads are suspended from ultra-thin, nylon-coated stainless-steel wire for a delicate, snag-less sensation on your knitting needles. They will not capture on your yarn, and the teardrop-shaped loops reduced the event of ladders in your knitting.

Created from deconstructed vintage jewelry and recovered beads, these are one-of-a- kind pieces that make terrific gifts and mementos for knitters.

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