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Cootie Catchers makes a terrific Passover favor! Delight in thinking at trivia about Passover with your friends and family this year!


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**** DESIGN ****

– The outside four squares included the signs of Passover in addition to the following wording on each square: Passover|April 3-11, 2015|Pesach|Jewish Year 5775

Right here are 8 questions/ responses that are included in the designs flaps:

– When does Passover begin? On the 15th day of Nisan

– Exactly what is the ritualistic dish called? Seder, the removal of leavened food products from the home

– Exactly what is alternatived to bread throughout Passover? Matzo/ Matzah, a kind of flatbread that’s unleavened

– Throughout Seder, what book is read aloud? Haggadah, which consists of the story of the exodus from Egypt

– Exactly what foods are included, at the center of the table, on the Seder plate? 3 pieces of Matzah, bitter herbs, a lamb shank bone, fruit, nuts, & wine (charoset)

– What is the symbolic 5th cup of wine called on a Seder table? “Cup for Elijah”

– What is the last piece of food dininged at the Seder? The afikomen, which is hidden for youngsters to discover. The Seder can not conclude till it has been found

– What other part of the dish do kids take part in? The youngest child asks 4 concerns about why Seder’s different from other nights

In the center square, I have actually consisted of the following:

Traditional Foods throughout Passover

Matzah Balls: Chicken soup with matzo-meal dumplings

Charoset: A mix of apples, nuts, wine, and cinnamon

Matzah Brei: Matzo that has been softened and fried with egg and fat

Beitzah: A roasted egg

Mina: A meat pie that is made with matzos

Gefilte Fish: Packed fish rounds/ patties made from a mix of veggies and matzo dish, which is then packed back into the fish


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