Pattern Only Many Rivers Asymmetrical Bias Knit Shawl or Scarf by WingShadowWraps

6,00 USD

Knit the skinny break rows between the color blocks in dark blue on this shawl, and they look just like many rivers flowing every which way across it! The Many Rivers Shawl is striped, asymmetrical, and knit on the bias sideways entirely in garter stitch. Although it is knit using the German short row technique, you do not have to have had any previous experience knitting in this style since full written instructions, video help links, and row counts are included within the pattern. I test knit 2 shawls using this pattern in very different colors using 3 shades in fingering weight yarn for each shawl, but this pattern would also work using DK or sport weight yarn. Simply choose 3 coordinating and / or contrasting colors and cast on. Each of the three colors will use approximately 210 yards of yarn, although you may need about 220 in Color A. Color C is the contrast yarn (the dark blue rivers), so choose a very dark or even a very light shade for these skinny break rows. Total yarn yardage for the shawl was about 640 yards. My blocked shawl is 6 feet on the longest side, and in 20 inches in depth at its deepest point. I am also offering for sale both of the shawls you see pictured. They are offered under a separate listing on my site.

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