PDF Crochet Pattern Love Tapestry Wall Hanging by RainbowValleyCrochet

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This is a pattern, NOT A FINISHED ITEM and you need to make it yourself. All of my patterns are in pdf format. You might need the newest pdf reader to open them which you can download devoid of Adobe. No refunds are provided when the pattern has actually been sent as there is no chance to “”return”a digitally rendered item.From January 1st 2015 I will certainly not be able to sell digital downloads to EU countries beyond the UK due to new BARREL policies. All patterns are just readily available as emailed copies on Etsy. If you are in the UK or non-EU, instantaneous downloads are available through my website. https://www.enfys.me.uk/If you are as miserable with this as I am, please sign the petition-https://tinyurl.com/ok2azhb-and sign the petition at the White Home-https://tinyurl.com/p96w64k-and write to your MP, MEP or the corresponding representative for your nation. ~ LOVE WALL HANGING CROCHET PATTERN ~ Buy all Tapestry Wall Hangings in one go and pay for 3.

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for details.This listing is for the LOVE wall hanging just. Purchase and pay “for any 3 Tapestry Wall Hangings” in one go and receive download links for all 4. These wall hangings are produced with an unique mix of Thread Painting and Tapestry Crochet to produce the result of a shape against a sundown. Thread Painting is a method of altering colours to produce a shaded result. Tapestry Crochet resembles regular crochet, other than that two or more strands are worked at the same time to produce a colourful fabric. The large wall hanging measures about 48 x 72 cm (19 x 28 in )and is made with size 5 thread and a 2.50 mm hook.

The little wall hanging measures about 36 x 48 cm (14 x 19 in) and is made with size 8 thread and a 1.50 mm hook Materials DMC Petra No. 5 or No. 8 in colours: Black, White, Lemon, Gold, Orange, and Red.One round of each colour is enough to make one

wall hanging, however, as you require 3 hairs of each colour, you will need to wind off a different round to utilize and make use of the primary round from both ends. If you intend on making the complete set, it is simpler to buy 3 balls of each to begin with.Equipment:1.50 mm hook for No. 8, 2.50 mm hook for No. 5, Needle for stitching in ends, 2 rods for each hanging.You have authorization for items made from any of my patterns to be sold either for charity or individual earnings. I would value it if you credit Helen Free, Enfys or Rainbow Valley Crochet with the design, and include a link back to this site.However, you do not have permission to replicate or disperse this pattern, whether mechanically, electronically or any other means, including photocopying. Можно приобрести на Etsy за RainbowValleyCrochet