Peacock Feather Ear Cuff by intrinsicimagination

< img src =""border="0" width ="570"height= "429"/ > 48,00 USD I create each ear cuff by hand utilizing distinct feathers and color combinations to make sure every cuff is unique. No 2 plumes are exactly alike so every cuff is distinct. And, since everyone’s ears are a little different, I use flexible wire so that you can bend it where needed to get the ideal fit. I likewise created the wire base so that it can be endured your left or best ear, depending on how you feel that day;–RRB-
SIZE: One size fits all and is adjustable

< br/ > * When buying this product you will get one cuff as visualized above. Please let me understand if you have any custom-made requests.

Handmade with love in Portland, Oregon
< br/ > ~ by Ilya Hobgood

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with each image making sure colors are a real representation of what your ear cuff will appear like. Colors might still differ slightly from photo due to various feathers and computer system monitor projections.

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