Personalized Tag Name Necklace, Customized Mother’s Necklace with Kid’s Names, Gold Mom’s Necklace, Sterling Small Bars Name Tag Necklace by FreshyFig

28,00 USD< p class=" description"> Call tags in mixed metals, among each metal pictured in 14kt increased and yellow gold fill and sterling silver. The bars have been evenly spaced into the links of the chain. The chain color and length are your option at checkout. Sterling silver is visualized but you can also select yellow or increased gold. If 1 or 2 tags are picked, the tags with slide along the chain instead of being repaired into the chain.

MODEL IS WEARING: 18 & quot; & quot; sterling silver chain. Example bars are stamped with the 1.5 mm Sans Serif typeface.

… … … … … … … …


– Please attempt to keep your personalization descriptions short and simple to comprehend, you can copy and paste the following, as a guide, into the & quot; & quot; note to Freshy & quot; Fig & quot; box at checkout:

< br/ > First Bar TEXT and METAL
COLOR:< br/ > Second Bar TEXT and METAL
COLOR:< br/ > 3rd Bar TEXT and METAL
COLOR:< br/ > 4th Bar TEXT and METAL
COLOR:< br/ > 5th Bar TEXT and METAL COLOR:
5): Hammered texture or smooth?:

– We hand stamp the letters, upper and lowercase, exactly as you compose them out

< br/ >-Would you like the bars hammered or smooth? Default is smooth if not specified.

– The Letters are left natural (as imagined) unless you specify that you ‘d prefer them filled in with black

-Font style Character Limits (examples in picture # 5):

1.5 mm Sans Serif: Optimum of 8 characters on each
Typewriter: Maximum of 7 characters on each

< br/ >-Leave a note in the message box when you take a look at with the information of your customization (letters and/ or symbols and font design). If not defined, the default is 1.5 mm sans serif.

… … … … … … ………


< br/ > & quot;
– Each bar is a 1/8 & quot; by a 5/8 & quot;-All parts are high quality 14kt gold fill and sterling silver

< br/ >< br/ >-Is available in an adorable little plan prepared for gifting

< br/ > * Each bar is adoringly hand marked without a device. Please do not expect perfection, despite the fact that we pursue it. The handmade touch is exactly what makes these unique!

… … … … … … … …

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