Picasso Hand Earrings – Frida’s Favorites by inkjewelry

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Influenced by the self portrait by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo we hand cut strong sterling silver hands. Hung from a sturdy pair of sterling hoops which might be put on individually.
Now you can use the earrings she repainted!

The original earrings were said to be gifted to her by Pablo Picasso. Cool!

Hang approx 2 & quot;

Picasso Hand Earrings – Frida’s Favorites

& quot; & quot; I do not understand exactly what to say about these. They’re large, full of life, vibrant. all the things I think of Frida was. I’m honoured to have something like this. Thank you quite & quot; & quot;- MS & quot; these are so & quot; huge and juicy … i seem like frida!! xx & quot; & quot;- EJ & quot; Remarkable, enjoyable earrings. I wore them to work and got numerous compliments. & Quot; & Quot;- EK & quot; Amazing! Looks precisely like Frida’s earrings in the picture! Very well made and quite a considerable piece – terrific consumer service too:-RRB- Fabulous! & Quot; & Quot

& Quot;;-NPV & Quot; Just adding to the many lots of compliments, yes, this are outstanding! Actually enjoy them !!! Well packaged and quick shipping. Thanks a lot! & Quot; & Quot;- WW & quot; Très belles boucles d’oreilles. Parfait. Bonne journée & quot; & quot;- BB & quot; love. & Quot; & Quot;- KF & Quot; I love my earrings thank you for being so clever, cheers. & Quot; & Quot;- SH & quot; Oh my. these are so lovely. I used them the other day and got compliments all over I went. They are getting a great deal of use! Thank you so much, remarkable service and shipping too! & Quot; & Quot;- BT & Quot; These earrings are definitely gorgeous! So finely crafted. i like them like them enjoy them. I never ever wish to take them off! – AH

& quot; & quot; I just recently got my ears re-pierced after they closed over about 7 years ago- these beautiful earrings were my motivation! & Quot; & Quot;- CS & quot; Hey Kristin and Ina, showed up protected, my buddy will absolutely like the gift of Frida’s hands-terrific service, fast delivery and beautiful package! yeah! & quot; & quot;- EM & quot; Wow! These earrings are fantastic. & Quot; & Quot;- RS & quot; Super Fantastic. I enjoy them. so well maade cheers! & Quot; & Quot;- MD
& quot; & quot; Have received several compliments on these earrings. Really a happiness to own and use & quot; & quot;- SB & quot; LOVE them! Much larger in actual life, -no bad thing! Thanks a lot! & Quot; & Quot;- DF & quot; Extremely cool earrings – many thanks & quot; & quot

& Quot;;-LGM & Quot; These earrings are of incredible quality! And considering where I work, EVERYBODY will certainly not just get it, they’ll totally turn out! I’ll post a picture when I debut them. & Quot; & Quot;- GB & quot; Gorgeous piece. THANKS & quot; & quot; -Z & quot; You correct – neither too heavy nor too light (can something be too light?!). Outright fabulosity. Thx a bunch & quot; & quot

& Quot;;-ESP & Quot; best! thank you so much! these worked great for my outfit but they are so stunning i will continue wearing them! & quot; & quot;- SM & Quot; These are definitely amazing and I thank you for the little Frida packed into my jewelry box! I like them and believe they are sensational, special, homage to the painter’s excellent spirit. & Quot; & Quot;- MM & quot; These earrings are beyond magnificent. & Quot; & Quot;- WR & quot; Completely incredible earrings. Outstanding OS transaction – cheers. & Quot; & Quot;- DP & quot; I love these earrings! & Quot; & Quot;- KS & quot; This is my very first Etsy purchase and they are better than they search in the pictures! Thanks. & Quot; & Quot;- MP & quot; These are best!!! Gorgeous craftswomanship!!! Thank you !! & quot; & quot;- PC & quot; they are perfect! & Quot; & Quot;- KC & quot; My earrings arrived today. I am more than delighted as they are definitely terrific.
Thank you for the magnet.
I’ll be back for the hummingbird necklace in the near future. & Quot; & Quot; -TJ FEATURED

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