Picture Frame Security Hardware by dreesefineart

46,00 USD

Security & quot; & quot; T-lock & quot; hanger set for(10) wood or metal picture frames.
Consists of a special hardened wrench.
— Avoids theft or shifting of art work, mirrors, indicators, panels, photo frames, etc. with hidden tamper-proof hardware.
– & quot; & quot; T-lock & quot; security hardware system that has actually been made use of in hotels and companies to hang photo frames.
* 3 plates install to the wood frame with screws, 2 at the top, one at the bottom (not utilized for aluminum frames).
* Two brackets protected to wall with screws and drywall anchors (offered). The (2) top plates, or the channel of an aluminum frame slip over these brackets at the top of the frame.
* Head of T screw inserts into the bottom bracket (or bottom channel of an aluminum frame), and is turned 90 degrees using the unique wrench. The special wrench is needed to eliminate image frame from wall.
* Recommended for frames up to approximately 30 & quot; & quot; in width and 25 lbs.

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