Pink Grapefruit Roll On Perfume Oil – 8mL by SymbolicImports

10,00 USD

Pink Grapefruit Roll On Perfume Oil

This seductively tangy fragrance mixes fresh pink grapefruit with sweet valencia orange, savory clementine, and soft florals.

Our fragrance oils are hand mixed to excellence. We make use of fractionated coconut oil, which is extremely light and quickly absorbed. Because they’re rolled on rather of sprayed, the aroma is worn closer to the body than normal alcohol-based sprays. Our fragrance oils are never ever oily and are nourishing and moisturizing to the skin.

* No alcohol
* Vegan friendly
* No animal testing
* No synthetic dyes or colors

Noting is for one 8 mL glass roller bottle of Pink Grapefruit perfume oil.

Experience this terrific scent by rolling a little onto your pulse points, such as, your wrists and neck. This perfume oil will fit perfectly in your purse or bag, pocket or bathroom.

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