Pink Hawaiian or Orange Floral collar by DogCollarsEtc

8,00 USD

Let your pet enjoy Spring with this lovely Pink Hawaiian or Orange floral collar.

ONLY FOR 1 COLLAR (not both) – You select either Pink or Orange

The image is of a large collar. Collar may be somewhat different than what is imagined above.

Prices for various sizes of collars:
XLarge $ 15.00
Huge $ 12.00
Medium $ 10.00
Small $ 8.00
Xsmall & Feline $ 8.00

Please email me and let me know exactly what size and color (either pink or orange) you need.
Cat collars are made with a breakaway buckel and have a bell.
Considering that these are customized made once you purchase them please permit a few days for them to be made and shipped. I will certainly send out an email to you once the product is delivered out.

Finished Collar length size:
Cat 8 & quot; & quot;
-11 & quot; Xsmall 8 & quot; -11 & quot; tiny breeds of pet dogs
Little 10 & quot; & quot; -15 & quot; Dachshunds, toy poodles
Medium 12 & quot; & quot; -19 & quot; Terriers, Schnauzers
Big 15 & quot; & quot; -23 & quot; Labs, Shepards, Retreiver XLarge 17
& quot; -29 & quot; & quot; St. Bernards, Canines with big necks

Completed Collar width size:
Cat and xsmall 3/8 & quot;
& quot;
Little 5/8 & quot; Medium, Big and XLarge 1 & quot;

& quot; Handwash and lay flat to dry to have your collar last a long period of time.

I hate paying outrageous costs for shipping. Therefore, delivering for collars are totally free within the U.S.A no matter the number of you purchase.

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