Pirate Treasure Hunt for Outdoors, 10 Clues, Great for Birthday Parties, Digital file by Fun4Kidz

10,00 USD

Yo-ho, yo-ho, it’s a pirate’s life for me! This ten-clue witch hunt makes sure making any pirate’s party a hit! This treasure hunt will come as a digital file – no shipping costs!

This listing is for digital declare you to print. Just print the clues and cut with rugged edges to provide the appearance of a genuine pirate map!

Clues lead to ten common outdoor spots:

1. 2 Lightpost
. 3 Deck
. 4 Tree
. 5 Sandbox
. 6 Rock
. 7 Mail box
. 8 Slide
. 9 Grill
. 10 Swingset
. Shed

Each idea is an enjoyable rhyme. There’s a cheat sheet for the Mum of the Captain too, in case the pirates require a little assistance.

Products can be customized to fit your lawn. Other ideas: bench, garden hose, fireplace or firepit, gate, doghouse, rock wall, birdbath, trampoline, porch, bird feeder, vehicle, garden, pool, patio. *** IMPORTANT: If you desire your treasure hunt personalized then send me a note indicating the ten spots you would like consisted of and do not purchase this instantaneous download set. I can not refund orders for immediate downloads.

PLUS a free list of 16 pirate celebration video games!

If you are trying to find an indoor treasure hunt kindly see my other pirate witch hunt listings. I likewise offer this witch hunt fully printed.

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