polka dot tulle fabric sample – peach / cornflower OR pastel pink by nuvonova

5,00 USD

This listing is for ONE sample of either peach, cornflower or pastel pink polka dot tulle material.
It will measure approx 4 & quot; & quot; x 44 & quot; which is the whole width of the material.

Kindly define during checkout (or send me a message) what colour you wish to get. If you would such as all 3, please alter the amount to 3.

Kindly check out the full listing for each material to learn more:

Peach: https:// www. etsy.com/listing/126080827/peach-spot-tulle-fabric-44-wide-sold-per?

Cornflower: https://www.etsy.com/listing/126080513/cornflower- blue-spot-tulle-fabric-44?

Pastel Pink: https://www.etsy.com/listing/126080939/pastel-pink-spot-tulle-fabric-44-wide?

can purchase on Etsy for nuvonova