Ponytail Holder / Hair Elastic Tie / Bracelet / Pony Tail Holder / Arm Candy Hair / It Is What It Is Bracelet / Pony Tail Holder (Ready to Ship) by KountryKreations2008

5,00 USD

You are seeing the It Is Exactly what It Is Bracelet/ Ponytail Holder (Ready to Ship).

These are all silver beauties.

This Streamlined trendy ponytail holder is decorated with a beautiful beauty information. You will get Elegant and simply Stunning bracelet/ ponytail holder.

Low pony tails and side buns are trending today. Perfect for leading knots to adore these for a pretty surprise.

Also, you might have planned for the tousled look before you left your home, but
need a backup for when it fails or the weather condition change does not
comply. Have this holder in your bag stashed for your perfect
storm/ recuperation. Turn the bad hair day into a beautiful ponytail day.
Perfect for the upcoming Holidays terrific arm sweet too.

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