Ponytail Holders Set of 4 Your Choice Of Prints Owls 1.25 Inch Buy 3 Get 1 Free 004PT by SunnysGiftShop

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New Smaller Size … … 1 1/4 & quot; (1.25 & quot;&
You pick one (1) Set of 4 Ponytail Holders of your option. Fun colorful and made without any damage elastic bands. Much better for the hair. All ponytail holders will certainly have a black elastic band. Can be quickly replaced if ever needed, so they will last long time. These can endure water but please do not wear in the pool or bathing. Intense and Enjoyable and will certainly make those ponytails or pigtails look even Cuter!!! They are made of a metal base You get all 4 in the set you pick.

Set 1|Baby Owls Gray and Green
Set 2|Infant Owls Purple Pink and Gray Blue
Set 3|Infant Owls Red Pink and Thumbs-up Green
Set 4|Child Owls Brown Yellow and Light Rose

Size: 1.25 & quot; & quot;
1 1/4 & quot; Set Of 4 Ponytail Holders
Prints: Your Choice Of Baby Owls
Products: Genuine Tecre Metal Parts and Accessories
Designs are covered with safety mylar

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