PRE-MADE Furry Leg Warmers Multi-Color Fluffies Pink, Purple, Turquoise Blue Rave Wear by OsisVinylDolls

32,95 USD

Pre-Made Hot Pink, Purple, Blue-green Blue Multi Color Fur Fluffies Furry Leg Warmers! =-RRB- Made skillfully using The softest, fluffiest and longest haired Multi-Color synthetic fur. They are 19 & quot; long from leading to

bottom, and flared around the bottom, with a rubber band sewn at the top (can be used shown out or hidden -tucked in)to keep them from slipping down while you’re partying the night out at the club. One size fits most Pre Made and ready to ship, by means of Top priority mail( approx. 2-3 business days in the

United States) Perfect for Burning Man, Clubbing, Celebrations and Raves. Matching Wrist Cuffs readily available

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