Pregnancy Journal * Gender Neutral Pregnancy Journal * Pregnancy Gift * ARROWS cover design by spunkandlove

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You’re having an infant?! Congratulations! We now bring pregnancy journals to assist you tape-record all the sweet minutes from your pregnancy.

► Each book determines 7.25 & quot; & quot; by 7.25 & quot;, making it the ideal size to keep neighboring and close-at-hand.

► Your book will have a front cover similar to the one envisioned in the main picture and a laminated back cover much like the one in the last image.

► There’s likewise an envelope in the back of each book to hold additional ultrasound pictures and other little mementos.

Each book will include the following areas, printed using a premium printer on premium, bright-white card stock (50 pages overall):

/// very first trimester///

► & quot; & quot; learning & quot; page to tape-record how you learnt, how you felt, and how you told others the wonderful news
► all about mommy
► all about daddy
► 3 & quot; & quot; watching you & quot; grow & quot; pages that have area for a 4×6 photo of your growing belly in addition to some journal lines
► page for an ultrasound image
► note from daddy
► note from mommy
► 3 lined pages to document ideas, yearnings, funny stories, medical professionals appointments, etc.

/// second trimester///

► & quot; & quot; preparing for & quot; you & quot; page to tape-record names you like, ideas about discovering gender, and so on
► 3 & quot; & quot; seeing you & quot; grow &
quot; pages ► page for an ultrasound image (with extra journal lines because this is generally the BIG ultrasound!)
► note from daddy
► note from mommy
► 2 lined pages to document thoughts, yearnings, funny stories, physicians appointments, etc.

/// third trimester///

► page to tape moments from your baby shower
► page to position your shower invite
► 2 picture pages to put extra photos from your baby shower
► a & quot; & quot; preparing for & quot; you & quot; page to tape what you’re performing in the nursery and other ideas about getting prepared
► photo page to place an image of baby’s room
► 3 & quot; & quot; seeing you grow & quot; & quot
; pages ► page for an ultrasound image
► note from daddy
► note from mommy
► 2 lined pages to jot down thoughts, cravings, amusing stories, physicians visits, and all your & quot; & quot; GET THIS INFANT FROM ME & quot; & quot; minutes.

/// your arrival///

► Now that infant’s here you can position a sweet newborn photo on the very first page of this area as well as tape his or her date, time, weight and height
► a page to tape-record how baby made his/her arrival, first visitors, unforgettable moments, etc.
► first household picture
► footprints page
► 4 pages to place photos of infant with visitors or other unforgettable moments
► 2 lined journal pages to write down more of child’s arrival story or compose them a sweet note letting them know how pleased you are they have shown up!

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Please send us a convo if you have any concerns about our books. We ‘d be pleased to learn through you!

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