Premium Thai Aloeswood – Great incense for meditation, relaxation, reiki, chakra workings, and aromatherapy by Phytognosis

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Phytognosis indicates plant understanding and is devoted to making 100 % natural products obtained from plants that services in spiritual achievement. Each item is made from natural or fairly wild crafted botanicals making sure to respect the Earth with no low-cost fillers.

Agarwood is likewise called aloeswood or Lign Aloes in numerous religious texts, gaharu (in Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea), jin-koh (in Japan), Ch’en Hsiang or Ch’en Xiang (in China), Chim-Hyuang (in Korea) and oud in the Middle East. It is a resin produced inside a tree in the genus Aquilaria.

The dark resin in the wood gives off a really effective scent when carefully heated. It is thought about the best incense on the planet and the finest varieties are more costly than gold. Often times during the harvesting process, naturally occurring trees are lowered which has actually annihilated the supply of Agarwood. My supply of Agarwood originates from SUSTAINABLY GROWN trees developed by the Agarwood Research Task at the University of Minnesota in cooperation with the Rainforest Project Structure. They have actually established approaches to cultivated Agarwood and it can now be produced in a sustainable way in plantation grown trees.

This wood is discussed in the bible: Numbers 24: 6, Psalms 45: 8, Sayings 7 17, Song of Solomon 4:14, John 19:39 along with numerous timeless grimoires such as Grimoirium Verum, Liber Juratus, the works of Agrippa, the Secret of Solomon, The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, the Goetia, and a number of other works!

You will get 2.0 grams of premium cultivated Thai Agarwood in a labeled glass vial with cork. The pieces of wood will be variable sizes. The discussion is practically as stunning as the incense.

The Vietnamese aloeswood can be discovered at this link:

Its best to extremely gently heat the wood over a burner or a charcoal that has a number of layers of tinfoil to lower the heat. You can always just light an end with a flame and blow out quickly. Repeat several times to produce the quantity of aroma wanted. The volatile substances increase when burned so the fragrance is very well after a few minutes when the aromatic substances have actually had the possibility to distribute down into the room.

See this link listed below for more information on sustainable cultivation.

This fantastic fragrant incense need to be burned in a suitable incense vessel. Its magickal aroma will drunk and fill the air, inside or out of doors, with a beautiful natural fragrance.

Phytognosis focuses on unusual and special plant resins, woods, oils, and leaves for use throughout ritual. We craft incense blends from classic grimoires, the bible, Voudon and other African traditions, as well as Hoodoo and Native American customs. We would be more than delighted to talk about customized work involving, incense, oils, powders, inks, tinctures, or other brews not currently brought.

Always remember to keep youngsters and animals safe when burning incenses. These items are not meant to be taken inside and are sold as a curio just. This wonderful fragrant incense must be burned in a suitable incense vessel. Its magickal aroma will drunk and fill the air, inside or from doors, with a beautiful natural scent.

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