Pretty Smaller Afghan Jade Stone inset Tribal Cuff Bracelet. Handmade. by BlueTeddy

18,00 USD

Wear this anywhere. This lovely little bracelet has actually been handmade. Not genuine jade however extremely nice stone.

Approx 6 inch circumference Tribal cuff bracelet from Afghanistan with small jade lookalike stones.

Not genuine silver however extremely shiny and smooth. They call it gypsy, gilt or German silver. The conventional form of making jewellery pieces was done by melting down coins so while I understand it has some silver material have no idea how much.

The necklace was hand made by Kuchi Pashtuns a nomadic individuals in what is now Afghanistan. It’s most likely from the Logar area.

All these pieces are special and a piece of history of a people whose lives have been threatened from every angle.

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