Private Listing for Emily Only by Squigglymonkeys

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32,00 AUD 1 x Red Rainbow Striped Sock Monkey I’m adoringly hand sewn from a clean brand-new cotton sock. I’m filled with polyester stuffing so I am very great to cuddle. I’m 13 inches 30cm tall with a soft round stomach. I like all type of enjoyable video games but I can also sit extremely still on a rack among your knick knacks.

I’m really sweet and adorable take me house. I am prepared to be shipped to you in just a couple of days

< br/ > PLEASE NOTE: Though the monkeys include no small parts and are rather tough, I do suggest adult guidance for all kids under 3.

< br/ > Why not make your monkey individual with a Customised Name Spot?

Want to make one yourself? Why not try a Sock Monkey Craft Set, with everything you need to make one yourself. They make fantastic presents too You can follow us on Facebook https:// can purchase on Etsy for Squigglymonkeys