Purple Leaf Ankle Cuff / Green Teal Wrap Renaissance Festival Elf Elves Fairy Pan Faerie Woodland Nymph Greenman Hobbit LOTR LARP by TreadLightGear

35,00 USD

Calling all Elves, Pixies, Pans, LARP and other nature lovers & woodland creatures! Take a look at our clever little ankle leaf wrap! We've hand cut, etched and strung up our soft bull hide leaves and made them into must-have ankle flair for your next renaissance or music festival.

This listing is for a single (ONE) ankle wrap.

This fully adjustable cuff will wrap around your ankle or even around an existing pair of shoes, sandals, or moccasins! You can choose to leave the laces knotted in the front or the back of your foot. Versatile!

Whisper in our ear if you would like us to add a few jingle bells!

Great gift Idea for that little Tinkerbell or Woodland Nymph in your life.

The price shown is for ONE ankle wrap. Some folks want one & some want two or five or twelve, so we're leaving that decision up to you!

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The cuff shown above is made with brown leather and purple bull hide leaves.

Можно приобрести на Etsy за TreadLightGear