Puya alpestris- Amazing dark blue-turquoise flowers by SteveSuperGardens

24,99 USD NOTE: We now offer an amount discount rate to severe gardners and plant fans! 20% OFF any order of $ 200 or more. Use voucher code: GROWER2016 at checkout!Puya alpestris

– This INCREDIBLE durable bromeliad relative is belonging to the high slopes of the Andes of Southern Chile. Produces a 4-5 foot high by 2-3 foot large rosette of light green, recurved, marginal-spined leaves that are silver-gray and striped below. In the spring 4-5 foot high, branching spikes are produced with the most amazing dark, metalic turquoise blue-green flowers. A truely special and amazing flower color. I put among these in a buddies yard and, when it bloomed he had a dinner celebration simply to display this specific plant!

Really difficult, not fussy about soil but ideally well drained. Prefers complete sun. Extremely drought tolerant. Hardy to approx. 15-20 degrees F. Sale plants are extremely good one gallon size plants simply like the ones in the last photo. They will be shipped bare-root by means of Top priority Mail.

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Puya alpestris- Amazing dark blue-turquoise flowers by SteveSuperGardens