Quick & Easy Low Cal Breakfast or Lunch

Quick & Easy Low Cal Breakfast or Lunch

  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Total Time: 9 mins
  • Servings: 1
  • About This Recipe

    “I find this a very satisfying yet low cal breakfast. I would not eat these rice cakes until I tried them with something on them. Experiment and find your own favorite.”


  • 2rice cakes( you know those things that look like Styrofoam)
  • 4slicestomatoes
  • hot sauce
  • 2teaspoonsparmesan cheese, grated
  • salt and pepper
  • Directions

  • Place tomato slices on the rice cakes.
  • Sprinkle with hot sauce (as much or as little as you want), salt and pepper.
  • Drizzle with parmesan.
  • Broil for about 3-4 minutes.
  • Reviews

  • “Bergy, once again a wonderful recipe!!This was one of the best “hurry up” breakfasts! and lite too. Didn’t change a thing, very tastey and satisfying, keept us right to lunch. We will have this often, it can be made in endless variety!Thanks for sharing!”

  • “I was looking at recipes and getting very hungry when I saw this one.I’m eating it right now as I type, and I have to say that I love it!I will make this often.Thanks…..”

  • “I made this for lunch today with a small green salad. A very nice light and healthy lunch. I placed the tomatoes on top, drizzled a tiny bit of olive oil over the tomatoes and I added fresh chopped basil on top and I used mozzarella cheese. Similar to a margarite pizza. Very tasty. For my DD I spread on PB and drizzled with honey. She loved it. This is such a good idea thanks for sharing it.Made for Healthy Choices ABC Tag.”

  • “WOW!!!! How cool is this recipe? I now have a way to eat those durn rice cakes that I bought months ago and stuck them in the fridge. I’m eating this now for lunch along with cottage cheese. Even my rice cake is the brown rice one. Next time I’ll add some more cheese!!! Thanks for a winner!”

  • “Healthy “fast food”… I love it,Thanks!”

  • “What a nice way to dress up rice cakes. I used a little more cheese (though your pictures look like you put way more!), and probably too much hot sauce. It was tasty and good to try something different for breakfast.”

  • “Fast and easy. Plus it’s gluten free. I used campari tomatoes, organic salsa as I didn’t have any hot sauce on hand, but I think it would be better with, fresh mozzarella, which didn’t melt well but was still good for a hunger & cheese craving, sea salt & freshly ground black pepper.”