Rare variegated String of Pearls succulent (Senecio rowleyanus 'Variegata') by SteveSuperGardens

< 'p class="rate"> 12,99 USD Senecia rowleyanus ' Variegata ' -A beautiful and somewhat challenging to discover variegated kind of the popular String of Pearls succulent. Round, pearl-like green leaves are variegated with large white stripes and sections. Works fantastic in a hanging basket where the stems can waterfall and track down. Makes a lovely and simple to grow houseplant.

Well drained pipes soil and brilliant, filtered light with only occasional irrigation. Hardy to about 35 degrees without damage but works best as a hanging houseplant or patio area plant that can be protected in the winter. Sale plants are similar to the one in the LAST picture. They are in 3.5 inch pots and will be delivered bare-root via Top priority Mail.

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