Retro Wallpaper by the Yard 70s Vintage Wallpaper – 1970s Gold Rose Bouquets in Stripe by RetroWallpaper

16,00 USD
Our vintage wallpaper is sold by the backyard. This genuine vintage wallpaper was printed in the 1970’s.

It is actual vintage stock, not a reproduction.< br/ > You will get one lawn length of this wallpaper (1 yard

=36 inches or 91.44 cm). The wallpaper pattern is 20 inches large; the length is one

lawn.< br/ > To see if multiple backyards of this pattern are available, please examine the quantity drop down box.

< br/ > If you buy multiple backyards of a pattern, you will receive the wallpaper in one constant piece. In a lot of cases, 14 backyards is a complete roll of wallpaper.

On Etsy, we sell vintage wallpaper patterns by the lawn. If you’re interested in a whole roll or numerous rolls for larger home jobs, please visit our website: Not every pattern for sale on Etsy is also offered completely rolls on the website. offers an added choice of classic wallpaper to browse through for your unique project.

< br/ > If you have any concerns, please ask.

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