Royal Blue Firestar, Needle Felting, Spinning Fiber, roving, blue, Red Blue .5 oz, similar to Icicle Top, ships free with wool by wildethyme

3,00 USD

Utilize the aspect of light, Add glimmer to your fiber work!

You’ll get half an ounce of hand colored Firestar– a great denier nylon fiber that is extremely easy to mix and extremely soft.

All batches are dyed together, and will differ from batch to batch. If the difference is substantial, we will take Please order what you have to guarantee color connection as we may or might not be able to replicate a color precisely. Pictures * might * be stock pictures however felt confident that if the next batch is substantially various, new photos are taken:-RRB- If you require a certain color -or more of a specific color and it is not in stock, please just ask. We’ll gladly color something just for you!

Some of the methods that you can utilize these are:
— supplement your existing fiber supply with simply the color/ sparkle you need/ desire.
— combine them with any of our other kits to broaden your color, appearance possibilities

Firestar will work wonderfully when added to wool for damp and needle felting, spinning. It include great appeal to other fiber. That said, do not expose to high temperature levels or it will melt.

* All in an eco-friendly, cello bag: D

* Our products are photographed in varying lights in an effort to supply as much color details as possible. Appealing keep in mind that monitors display color in a different way.

* A note about fiber terms is in order. We utilize the term “roving” since it has ended up being the broad, sort of “catch-all” classification to describe fibers that are organized in a long length of fiber used for spinning and felting. In a real roving, the staple are different lengths and are organized in various directions. “Leading” is a long length of fibers whereby the the staple is of all similar lengths and organized in the exact same direction. So while we labeled this wool roaming to fit Etsy’s categories, this is an ounce of nylon top.:-RRB- Можно buy on Etsy for wildethyme