Rustic Walking Stick with Wooden Bead and Cinnamon Finish, Natural Wood Hiking Staff by bearpawrustics

65,00 USD

This rustic staff is made from Rock Maple wood and stands 60 & quot; & quot; tall.
Handmade to last a lifetime, this beautiful walking stick is sanded smooth and doned with my own house brewed coffee and cinnamon stain and natural boiled linseed oil.
It has a braided hemp strap, wooden bead and bark accents.

Comes equipped with a strong rubber tip.

Excellent to bring on a walk, camping journey or when fishing or hiking.
Distinct present for the collector or somebody who loves outdoor activities.

Ready to ship.
Shipping is for Top priority Mail in the United States.

I like my walking adhere to be close to shoulder height. Some folks like their staff shorter or taller so its actually individual choice.
A treking stick can provide you excellent versatility on the trail. When crossing a stream or strolling uphill or downhill, the hiker can extend the staff for better reach and balance. The most vital thing about possessing a strolling stick is that it motivates you to get out and get some exercise.


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