Sacred Geometry Crop Circle Patches – Crop Circle Collection (34R) by CropCircleCollection

5,78 USD

This patch is the design of an actual crop circle that occurred in Oliver’s Castle UK on 16 AUG 2008.

Crop circles consist of codes to expanded consciousness in their visual harmonics and numerological resonance.

Use the magic of these fascinating designs in your life with the Crop Circle Collection.

Over 100 various patch and sticker designs that can embellish your clothes and equipment or be positioned anywhere to radiate the vibration of sacred geometry.

Size is 8 cm/ 3.14 inch diameter.

No additional charge for shipping on more than one patch!

Generally ships next day.

I am sometimes away for a few days and can not react instantly. In those circumstances, I will certainly suggest my condition in the & quot; & quot; About & quot; area of my profile.

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38 % of rate goes to member of ArtistOfBeing.Com, who sale patches in etsy store. staying in UNITED STATE.

21 % of cost goes to member of ArtistOfBeing.Com, who hand embroidery sewing this design.
residing in NEPAL.

17 % of rate goes to member of ArtistOfBeing.Com, who invent this concept, design patches and organize etsy shop. traveling WORLD.

10 % of rate goes to cost of sale in etsy store and ad and some other cost.

9 % of cost goes to cost of material and shipping to who sale in etsy store.

5 % of deal goes to contribution for international civic organization to support & quot; & quot; Close the space between the world we have and the world most people everywhere desire.

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