SALE !! Set of 4 Stackable Living Eco Cubes // Modern Air Plant Glass Cubes, Set of Four Air Plant Terrariums, Geometric Terrarium Kit by eGardenStudio

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This listing is for a set of FOUR stackable air plant glass terrarium cubes (3 & quot; & quot; x3 & quot;& quot; x3 & quot;-RRB- as displayed in the First and Second photos. You can be innovative and stack them up in various angles making a special table focal point! These easy-to-take-care-of living eco cubes are little air plant habitats that can bring a distinct modern taste and some natural fun to you!

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*** VITAL ***: Please constantly read the measurements of our product prior to acquiring, thanks!

This kit includes:
(1) FOUR glass cubes – each has to do with 3 & quot; & quot; x 3 “x 3 “, and the opening width is about 1.75 “( the 5th idea reveals a coin as comparison);
(2) Four air plants (the size and shape will certainly resemble the ones in the images);
(3) Some little black pebbles;
(4) Some preserved reindeer moss (not live moss);
(5) An air plant care instruction sheet.

*** NOTIFICATION: This listing is for FOUR stackable air plant glass terrarium cubes as revealed in the First and Second images. If you would like just one kindly examine out this listing:


Air plants are really easy to look after! They do not require any soil so they are spick-and-span plants! They just need very low maintenance – (1) intense, indirect light, no direct sun is recommended. You can put them near a window in the house, or put them in your workplace, because fluorescent office lighting also works well for them. (2) offer them a bath or rinse them 2-3 times a week, and they will be extremely delighted. You can even simply spray them several times a week if you do not want to take them from the vase! Just make certain there is no standing water in the vase after you spray them!

When this air plant is in bloom, it will turn its color from green to red! It’s extremely lovely:-RRB- Sometime later it will most likely have little air plant children too!

In order to protect the glass and the plant, this product comes as a kit, however all you need to do is put the pebbles in the vase, then the air plant and the maintained moss! It’s very simple and enjoyable:-RRB- Thanks for
stopping by!

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